May 05, 2015

Make an IoT-enabled Weather Station with SAMI

It seems that every month or two another cloud-based data gathering and distribution service appears, and Samsung has also joined the market with their "SAMI" service. Using SAMI one can gather data and send it back to their cloud service for retrieval and analysis, whcih has been demonstrated with a neat weather station project built around a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

The Arduino side of the project is used to gather data from a common temperature sensor, whose value is sent out via the hardware USB port. The Raspberry Pi captures this serial data using a Node.js script and shoots it off to the SAMI cloud service via an Internet connection. From that point the data can be retrieved using a web-enabled device as expected.

It's always good to see more options in the cloud-based arena, so to learn more about SAMI and using it with common hardware visit their interesting project page. And for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well.

For more complex Raspberry Pi projects that require interaction between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi for enhanced hardwre control you can save time and space by using our new PiLeven board:

The PiLeven is an Arduino-compatible board based on the Arduino Uno, but with a few changes. Obviously it's a bit of a strange shape! The PiLeven fits right on top of a Raspberry Pi (either model B or B+) using the Raspberry Pi expansion headers.

The PiLeven also has a high-current switchmode power supply, so you can plug in anything from 7V to 18Vdc using the standard 2.1mm jack. The PiLeven can power the Raspberry Pi, so you don't need a regulated 5V USB connection anymore.

Serial communications on the PiLeven is linked through to the Raspberry Pi, so your Pi can upload new sketches straight to the PiLeven or send/receive data and commands. We've included level shifters so the 3.3V Pi can talk safely to the 5V PiLeven. And you can plug standard Arduino shields right into the PiLeven, giving your Raspberry Pi access to the huge range of shields already available. For more information about the PiLeven, including our tutorials - and to order yours today, visit the PiLeven webpage.

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