Many schools send us a purchase order expecting that we will then immediately ship goods to them. 

You’re welcome to use a purchase order as part of your internal purchasing system if required, but there’s no point sending the purchase order itself to us.

All we need to ship goods to you is:

  1. An order submitted online.
  2. Payment for the order.

That’s it. Once payment has been received, the goods will ship within 24 hours.

We understand that for most schools, the process of ordering goods from an external supplier requires that a purchase order be raised and then an invoice provided by the vendor. To make this really easy, our order confirmation emails are now formatted as a Tax Invoice. To order from us, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the items you wish to purchase in our online store.
  2. During the checkout process, select “Direct deposit (Australian customers only)” as the payment method. This will allow you to complete the order without providing any credit card details or other payment information.
  3. You will receive an order confirmation email which is formatted as a Tax Invoice. It also contains all the information required to make payment, including our bank account details.
  4. If you require a purchase order for your internal process, you can generate one using the details on the provided Tax Invoice. However, you don’t need to send it to us unless you want it physically included in the package.
  5. You submit the Tax Invoice (and purchase order if you use one) to your institution for payment.
  6. Your institution makes payment for the invoice.
  7. We receive payment, and ship the goods.

However, we can’t ship your order until we receive full payment.

Previous experience has shown that only about 1/3rd of purchase orders sent to us by schools are ever paid. Even when they are paid, it usually takes several months and requires us to complete state-specific paperwork to apply for the reimbursement. This has become even worse now that NSW has shifted to a centralised purchasing process.

We simply cannot afford to lose so much money shipping orders based purely on a purchase order without any payment.