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Here at Freetronics we design, sell and support our range of flexible, easy to use boards and modules, making it easy for you to build your own electronic projects.

What Is Arduino? Arduino is a very popular and easy to use programmable board for creating your own projects. Consisting of a simple hardware platform and a free source code editor with an easy “one-click compile/upload” feature, it’s designed to be really easy to use without being an expert programmer. Arduino is also the most popular microcontroller board for advanced users and all kinds of more ambitious projects.... Read more

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June 12, 2019

Broken links on the Freetronics site

You may have noticed problems getting to some pages on our site, particularly if you used a link that's printed on a PCB.

We've had problems with the domain registrar for the ".com" version of our domain name, which has meant it's been offline for several weeks. Our site normally uses the "" version of our domain, but many of our products have URLs printed on them that point to the ".com" version of the URL because it's shorter and easier to fit on the PCB. There are also nearly 4000 internal links on our site that point to it.

We've been fixing internal links as quickly as we can, but there's nothing we can do about URLs printed on the hundreds of thousands of PCBs that we've shipped over the years.

Don't worry! All the pages are still there, and if you find a broken link you can still get to the page by simply adding the ".au" to the URL in your browser.

For example, if you were trying to get to the address "", simply change it to "" and everything should be fine.

We're really sorry about the inconvenience. Hopefully the .com version of our domain will be back and working very soon.

April 04, 2019

Shipping closed until Wednesday, April 10th 2019

I'm treating myself to a looooong weekend, so I won't be shipping any orders for the Freetronics and SuperHouse online stores for a few days.

I'll be shipping again from next Wednesday, so if you place an order now I'll ship it then.

November 29, 2018

Shipping closed during December 2018

During December I'll be taking a break from shipping orders from the Freetronics and SuperHouse online stores.

Any orders placed after December 4th, 2018 will be shipped right after Christmas, hopefully around December 28th and 29th. If you want to get something in time for Christmas, make sure you place your order now!

I'll be back with new products and more videos on the SuperHouse YouTube channel after Christmas.

See you then!

August 12, 2018

Live Q&A with Vela Georgiev about visiting Chinese electronics factories

In November 2017, Vela Georgiev took a group of engineers to China for a tour through a variety of factories and the famous Huaqiangbei electronics markets. The group visited Seeed Studio, ITEAD, the Shenzhen Maker Faire, the LiFX factory, Hytera EMS, and many other fascinating places to learn about rapid prototyping, low/high volume manufacturing, hardware focused business accelerators, and successful electronics startups.

Vela will be interviewed live on YouTube by Freetronics founder Jonathan Oxer, and will share her plans for doing it all again on the HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018.

Join the livestream to ask questions about the tour, or about electronics manufacturing in general. Vela will take questions via live chat so if there's anything you've wanted to know about how electronics is manufactured at scale or how you can take your idea and turn it into a product, this is your chance to ask.

If you're interested in electronics, the Innovation Tour could be one of the most important events you ever take part in.

To see the livestream or watch it later, subscribe to Jonathan's YouTube channel at and also click the bell icon so that you will be notified when the livestream starts.

The livestream will begin at 8pm Monday 13 August. A few representative timezones around the world:

  • Melbourne: 8pm Monday 13 August
  • London: 11am Monday 13 August
  • Hong Kong: 6pm Monday 13 August
  • New York: 6am Monday 13 August
  • Los Angeles: 3am Monday 13 August

August 07, 2018

New Stock!

We have recently completed a large production run, which means lots of items are back in stock! Items back in stock include our Experimenter's Kit, EtherMega, EtherTenPiBreak PlusUSB Serial Adapter and our popular Power-over-Ethernet Regulator 802.3af. With plenty of new stock available for purchase now is the perfect time to start on a new project! If you are struggling to think of project ideas have a browse through our blog

Experimenter's Kit




Already working on  a project you want us to feature in this blog? Know someone who has been anxiously waiting for one of these products to come back in stock? Let us know in the comments section below, Facebook, Twitter or on our brand new Instagram.   

July 23, 2018

Project Showcase: LED Gyro Sphere

At Freetronics we get a lot of joy from seeing our products being used in all sorts of cool projects and applications. Recently we received an email from Instructables member TechKiwiGadgets who shared with us his LED Gyro Sphere which features our Microphone Sound Input Module and was the Runner Up in the 2017 Instructables Arduino Contest.     

The sphere consists of 130 colored LEDs which fit into a specially designed 3D printed case and are controlled by a number of different sensors including a gyroscope and the Freetronics Microphone. There are an almost endless list of visual effects that the sphere can display including a gyroscope driven “rolling colour change” and various sound meter displays.  

System Architecture

To find out more about how you can build your own LED Gyro Sphere, checkout the following link.

If you are looking for a Microphone to use in your projects why not checkout our Microphone Sound Input Module. The module provides two inputs: one providing the raw audio waveform, and one providing the sound pressure level (SPL) providing maximum flexibility for your projects. If you want to process the audio waveform directly you can use the MIC output, or if you just want to detect sound level (for example, to detect noise above a certain threshold) you can use the SPL output.


The module also features a “DETECT” LED which illuminates proportionally to the detected sound pressure, providing quick and simple visual feedback that the module is working. This module is great value at only $7! For full details visit the product page.

Working on a project that you think could be featured in this blog? Let us know in the comments section below, or on Facebook and Twitter.  

June 02, 2018

Updated project guide for the Experimenters Kit for Arduino

The Experimenters Kit for Arduino comes with a 50 page printed project guide, showing how to build 11 different projects and explaining how they work.

Over the last couple of years there have been updates to the Arduino IDE that have moved things around. The example sketches are in different places, some of their source code has been updated, and some menus are now in different locations.

The project guide has just had a big update to make sure everything matches the latest Arduino software. Some of the improvements in the guide include:

  • All Arduino IDE menu references updated
  • Source code now shows syntax highlighting to make it easier to read
  • URLs have all been checked and updated
  • Source code examples have been updated
  • "How it works" explanations have been rewritten for clarity

Version 1.5 of the guide is available right now as a PDF, so if you have the Experimenters Kit for Arduino make sure you grab the v1.5 PDF now.

Future batches of the Experimenters Kit will include the new version as a hard copy.


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