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What Is Arduino? Arduino is a very popular and easy to use programmable board for creating your own projects. Consisting of a simple hardware platform and a free source code editor with an easy “one-click compile/upload” feature, it’s designed to be really easy to use without being an expert programmer. Arduino is also the most popular microcontroller board for advanced users and all kinds of more ambitious projects.... Read more

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January 19, 2018

Intermittent shipping next week: January 22 to 26

Next week I'll be in Sydney for, the big annual Linux and Open Source conference run by Linux Australia. While I'm away some orders may ship out, but it's best to assume that any orders placed after today won't ship until Monday, January 29.

If you're coming along to, ask around for Jonathan Oxer and come and say hi! I'll be running the Open Hardware Miniconf on the first day of the conference so I should be easy to find. At the OHMC we'll have a bunch of people building this little soccer-playing robot:

November 08, 2017

Intermittent shipping during November while I'm in China

I'm heading off to Shenzhen, China, on Friday November 10th and returning on the 18th.

During that time I'll have someone looking after shipping, but it will probably only be processed every few days.

Any orders placed today will be shipped before I leave, but after that there may be some delays until I return.

Thanks for your patience!

September 29, 2017

Shipping delayed by the Grand Final public holiday

Australia Post is closed today due to the public holiday here in Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately that means any orders placed now will be shipped after the weekend.

This is totally outside our control. We'd much rather be packing orders than watching some silly football game, even if the Tigers did make the Grand Final for the first time in more than 3 decades!

September 27, 2017

New retail packaging to save space and shipping costs

Our standard retail packaging includes enough room for larger boards such as the EtherMega, or for smaller boards like the Eleven with a USB cable included.

But for many smaller boards, such as the N-Drive Shield, the standard packaging is bigger than it needs to be. So to save on shipping costs and make our packaging more efficient, we've just started packaging some of our smaller boards in this new retail box.

The inner plastic clamshell splits in half to provide two handy parts trays that you can keep for your projects, and the outer cardboard shell can be recycled so there's no packaging waste going into landfill.

And because this new small box is almost exactly half the volume of our standard box, we can pack twice as many of them into the same shipping size. This will help save on shipping costs.

September 26, 2017

New product: MAC Address Module

If you're building an Internet-connected project, you might find that one annoying aspect of most Arduino compatible Ethernet devices is that you have to set the MAC address manually in the sketch. This is really frustrating, because every device needs a unique MAC address so you'll often find yourself modifying the sketch for every device you want to build. Even worse, you have to keep track of the addresses so that you don't re-use the same address and cause network problems.

This module solves the problem. With a simple I2C interface, it's pre-programmed with a unique MAC address that your sketch can load at startup using just a few lines of code.

Our own Ethernet enabled boards such as the EtherTen and EtherMega already include this same chip so you don't need the module on our boards, but for just $5 it can be a life-saver if you're using Ethernet boards from another supplier.

Grab some online now.

September 26, 2017

New stock after a big production run

We've just done a big production run, so many items are now back in stock. If you've been waiting for any of these, now is the time to grab some!

August 06, 2017

Skill Sunday: What is a Shift Register?

Have you ever come across the term “”shift register” and had no idea what it refers to? This weeks Skill Sunday is for you! A shift register is a versatile device that is often used to expand the I/O available on a microcontroller. For example, if you are using 10 LEDs in your project, instead of wiring each LED to an output, you could use a shift register to control the LEDs which would only require 4 pins! This functionality is usually achieved by sending bytes of data to a shift register where each bit represents one of the outputs of the shift register. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Arduino ShiftOut tutorial over at the Arduino website, it explains how to use one or more shift registers to expand the number of digital outputs very easily.

Shift Register

When working with 74HC595 shift registers and solderless breadboards (or more permanent solutions) consider using the Freetronics EXPAND: Expansion/Shift register module. It contains the 74HC595 shift register on a small board with standard 0.1" spacing holes that are perfect for soldering header pins into for breadboard use, and a small "power on" LED. By doing this you have a robust vehicle to insert and remove easily without tools or the risk of bending the IC pins. This is only one of our large range of prototyping modules - check the full range today!

Shift Register

If you have any questions or comments about this week's Skill Sunday don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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