ESP-01 WiFi Module Shield

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This product has been retired. Listed here for reference only.

The ESP-01 WiFi Module Shield lets you easily plug an ESP-01 WiFi Module into your Arduino.

Note: ESP-01 WiFi Module not included.

The ESP-01 is a very popular module based on the ESP8266 chipset that lets you add WiFi support to your project. However, you can't connect it directly to a typical Arduino because it uses 3.3V data pins for communication (not 5V) and it requires a high-current 3.3V power supply. It also needs a mode pin to be set correctly in order to operate.

This shield takes care of all those problems and lets you simply plug in your ESP-01, load a sketch, and communicate with it directly from your Arduino. Easy!


  • 3.3V regulator dedicated to the module to ensure sufficient current capacity
  • Logic level shifters on TX/RX lines: compatible with both 3.3V and 5V Arduino models
  • Selectable TX/RX pins: use D0/D1 for hardware serial, or D2 - D7 for software serial
  • CH_PD pin on ESP-01 module pre-biased for correct operation mode
  • Extra ESP-01 pins broken out for your own connections
  • Prototyping area with 5V and GND rails
  • All Arduino headers broken out for easy connections
  • Stacking R3-style Arduino headers including the ICSP header


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