June 02, 2018

Updated project guide for the Experimenters Kit for Arduino

The Experimenters Kit for Arduino comes with a 50 page printed project guide, showing how to build 11 different projects and explaining how they work.

Over the last couple of years there have been updates to the Arduino IDE that have moved things around. The example sketches are in different places, some of their source code has been updated, and some menus are now in different locations.

The project guide has just had a big update to make sure everything matches the latest Arduino software. Some of the improvements in the guide include:

  • All Arduino IDE menu references updated
  • Source code now shows syntax highlighting to make it easier to read
  • URLs have all been checked and updated
  • Source code examples have been updated
  • "How it works" explanations have been rewritten for clarity

Version 1.5 of the guide is available right now as a PDF, so if you have the Experimenters Kit for Arduino make sure you grab the v1.5 PDF now.

Future batches of the Experimenters Kit will include the new version as a hard copy.


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