April 29, 2021

Some products put on hiatus due to global parts shortage

One of the odd side effects of COVID-19 has been a dramatic decrease in manufacturing capacity of electronic parts through 2020 and 2021. Supply chains managed to keep things going for a while, but the world has now reached a critical point where stock of common parts has become critical.

This has started to impact all industries that rely on electronics: everything from household goods to cars are seeing production slowdowns.

Some parts including ATmega MCUs and Wiznet Ethernet controllers have either become very hard to buy, or have increased dramatically in price.

Sadly this means we've had to place some products on production hiatus. When the current stock is gone, we can't make any more.

Those products have been put in a special "Last Time Buy" category, so if any of those products are important to you this may be your last chance to buy them for a while. If any more products are affected they will also be added to that category.

We're working with our suppliers to source more stock of parts, and we'll do our best to assemble more of these products as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

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