June 28, 2016

Remotely Mow Your Lawn With Arduino

For many people, especially those with a large yard, regularly mowing their lawn is an exhausting, time consuming or expensive chore. Enter the Arduino remote control lawn mower!


With this fantastic project you can mow your lawn from the comfort of your armchair and even equip your lawn mower with a wheelbarrow to shift things around your garden by merely twiddling your thumbs. The project uses an Arduino as an interface between the remote control system and two motorised wheelchair motors that drive the mower. Although beyond the scope of this project, it wouldn't take much to modify this remote control lawn mower to be fully autonomous, saving you even more time and money! If this sounds like something that you could use, check out johndavid400’s very well documented Instructable.


When you use motors in your Arduino project you will almost certainly need a H-Bridge motor driver. A H-Bridge allows you to easily control the direction of your motors from within your code. Our own Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield is a perfect solution to this problem, allowing you to drive two DC motors or a stepper motor.


The Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield features PWM control, selectable current limits and a prototyping area to add your own parts. To find out more check out the Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield page. To keep up to date with the latest news, projects, product announcements  and to let us know what you think of this project follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


john said:

would love to buy a 12v electronic conversion kit for my mower im in australia

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