February 13, 2017

Project Showcase: Using Arduino to Repair Pinball Machines

One of the great thing about electronics is that they can be used for millions and millions of different applications. One of the more unique applications of our products that we have come across is from James, a pinball machine repair enthusiast! James has used an Arduino and two of our N-Drive Shields to control all of the lights and action on one of his pinball machines.  

“You should be marketing this to pinball repair people!” - James.

You can checkout some pictures of James’s projects below.



Our N-Drive Shield provides a great way to control multiple high-current signals using Arduino.

N-Drive Shield

With the N-Drive Shield you can directly control up to 6 separate high-power loads such as high-intensity LEDs, lamps, motors, and relays. The shield incorporates 6 N-channel MOSFETs, each capable of switching up to 60Vdc at 20 Amps, enough to drive massive loads such as 30W and 60W RGB LEDs capable of burning your eyeballs right out of year head!

Each MOSFET is connected to an Arduino pin with PWM capability, so you can vary the power delivered to each load individually. For much more information checkout the N-Drive Shield product page.

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