November 07, 2016

Particle Photon Gas Detector

Undetected gas leaks can have extremely nasty consequences. Unlike a leaking tap, a gas leak can be at risk of explosion and, in the case of a carbon monoxide leak cause poisoning or even possibly death. One way to avoid these consequences is to acquire a gas detector, or even better, to make your own! This is exactly what Stefan G has done using a Particle Photon, a gas detector module and a buzzer. To find out more about this project and to learn how you can make your own gas detector checkout this following link.

Gas Detector

If you're looking for a buzzer module to use in this project check out our sound and buzzer module:BuzzerAlthough you can use the sound and buzzer module to generate sounds, it can also be used as a knock-detector input to sense events and react to them. This means it is perfect for this project! For more information and to order, please visit the product page.

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