July 07, 2016

Modify Your Skateboard With Arduino

Bored of having a skateboard that is identical to everyone else's? Set yourself apart from the crowd with this fascinating project! Instructables user nusnel has used programmable LED strips and a hall effect sensor to add cool lighting effects to his skateboard. Using the hall effect sensors and some magnets, the speed of the skateboard can be determined, and with some clever Arduino magic, the LED’s can be programmed to look as if they are moving at the same speed, but in the opposite direction to the skate board. Check out the video below to get an idea of how spectacular the effect is!

 The project is very well documented and could be completed in a few hours once you get the parts together. Completing this project is sure to add to your skill set and result in a spectacular outcome. However, the project relies on breadboarding your circuitry which could potentially cause issues. It is possible that while riding your pimped up skateboard, connections may pop out of the breadboard,causing a great deal of frustration! To overcome this issue why not check out our own ProtoShield for Arduino. The ProtoShield is an excellent tool to turn your temporary, breadboarded project into something more permanent. The shield fits directly onto an Arduino board and has a large general purpose area in the middle where you can solder on your own parts to create a durable, long lasting project! The ProtoShield is a high quality, corrosion resistant gold plated PCB and represents great value at only $3!


Keen to start work on your skateboard? Check out the following link. When getting your parts together be sure to check out the ProtoShield product page to find out more. Let us know what you think of this project in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter.   

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