August 12, 2018

Live Q&A with Vela Georgiev about visiting Chinese electronics factories

In November 2017, Vela Georgiev took a group of engineers to China for a tour through a variety of factories and the famous Huaqiangbei electronics markets. The group visited Seeed Studio, ITEAD, the Shenzhen Maker Faire, the LiFX factory, Hytera EMS, and many other fascinating places to learn about rapid prototyping, low/high volume manufacturing, hardware focused business accelerators, and successful electronics startups.

Vela will be interviewed live on YouTube by Freetronics founder Jonathan Oxer, and will share her plans for doing it all again on the HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018.

Join the livestream to ask questions about the tour, or about electronics manufacturing in general. Vela will take questions via live chat so if there's anything you've wanted to know about how electronics is manufactured at scale or how you can take your idea and turn it into a product, this is your chance to ask.

If you're interested in electronics, the Innovation Tour could be one of the most important events you ever take part in.

To see the livestream or watch it later, subscribe to Jonathan's YouTube channel at and also click the bell icon so that you will be notified when the livestream starts.

The livestream will begin at 8pm Monday 13 August. A few representative timezones around the world:

  • Melbourne: 8pm Monday 13 August
  • London: 11am Monday 13 August
  • Hong Kong: 6pm Monday 13 August
  • New York: 6am Monday 13 August
  • Los Angeles: 3am Monday 13 August

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