July 23, 2018

Project Showcase: LED Gyro Sphere

At Freetronics we get a lot of joy from seeing our products being used in all sorts of cool projects and applications. Recently we received an email from Instructables member TechKiwiGadgets who shared with us his LED Gyro Sphere which features our Microphone Sound Input Module and was the Runner Up in the 2017 Instructables Arduino Contest.     

The sphere consists of 130 colored LEDs which fit into a specially designed 3D printed case and are controlled by a number of different sensors including a gyroscope and the Freetronics Microphone. There are an almost endless list of visual effects that the sphere can display including a gyroscope driven “rolling colour change” and various sound meter displays.  

System Architecture

To find out more about how you can build your own LED Gyro Sphere, checkout the following link.

If you are looking for a Microphone to use in your projects why not checkout our Microphone Sound Input Module. The module provides two inputs: one providing the raw audio waveform, and one providing the sound pressure level (SPL) providing maximum flexibility for your projects. If you want to process the audio waveform directly you can use the MIC output, or if you just want to detect sound level (for example, to detect noise above a certain threshold) you can use the SPL output.


The module also features a “DETECT” LED which illuminates proportionally to the detected sound pressure, providing quick and simple visual feedback that the module is working. This module is great value at only $7! For full details visit the product page.

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