September 08, 2016

DIY Arduino Catapult

Have you ever wanted to make your own catapult? Maybe you love the satisfaction of being able to send projectiles flying on your command, or maybe you genuinely have enemies you need to obliterate with your catapult! Regardless of your motivations, this is a fantastic and fun project. Instructables member cej12 has shared a detailed guide on how he created his own catapult.


The catapult is controlled using an Arduino Uno which tells a number of servos how and when to set and launch your projectile. This is a great project to learn the basics of Arduino. You can find more details at the following link or check out the catapalt in action below: 


If you are looking for an Arduino to control your catapult why not check out our “Eleven” Arduino Compatible Board.


The Eleven is just like an Arduino Uno (and 100% compatible), however the Freetronics team have made a number of improvements to the Arduino Uno design such as adding in a prototyping area, using a micro-USB connector and many more. These improvements mean that the Eleven is as easy to use as possible and is of the highest quality! To find out more about the fantastic Freetronics Eleven check out the following link. The Eleven has just come back into stock so order soon to avoid missing out!

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