September 09, 2016

Build Your Own Sumo-Bot

If you felt inspired to make your own robot after reading about the Monash University Robotics Competition, this project is for you! Instructables member tsunx has written a fantastic tutorial which outlines how you can can build your own Sum-Bot which can be programmed from your smartphone, sense enemy robots and follow a line.


This is a great project to develop your electronics construction skills and learn more about Arduino programing.  The project includes full schematics, design files and code examples so there is nothing to prevent you from getting started! To find out more checkout the following link or the video below. 

If you are looking for a bluetooth module to work on this project why not check out the Freetronics Bluetooth Shield?

Bluetooth Shield

Our Bluetooth Shield plugs right in to your Arduino and lets you send and receive data and commands from your sketches. You don't even need to do anything fancy in your sketches, because the Bluetooth link acts as a serial port: you just pair it with your computer, then you can simply use "" and "Serial.write()" as normal! The bluetooth shield can operate as a Bluetooth master or slave and is packed full of useful features. To find out more check out the Freetronics Bluetooth Shield product page.

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