September 16, 2016

Build your own Eject-A-Bed

Do you ever struggle to get your kids out of bed in the morning? With this awesome hack from Jamie Dixon you can modify an old adjustable hospital bed so that you can control it over the internet, from anywhere in the world. With a simple push of a button on your phone or computer you can tilt the bed from a comfortable horizontal position into a vertical position sending the occupant of the bed flying out of their bed and hopefully waking them up without causing any serious injuries!


The eject a bed is controlled by Raspberry Pi 2 which talks to a servo and an Arduino. This is a really great project for learning how to control things over the internet and is sure to be lots of fun as well. For more information check out the following link or the video below.

If you are working on a projected such as this one which requires interaction between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi you should check out our PiLeven board.


The PiLeven is an Arduino-compatible board based on the Arduino Uno that fits right on top of a Raspberry Pi using the Raspberry Pi's expansion headers. The PiLeven also has a high-current switchmode power supply, so you can plug in anything from 7V to 18Vdc using the standard 2.1mm jack and even use it to power the Raspberry Pi. The serial communications on the PiLeven are linked through to the Raspberry Pi, so your Pi can upload new sketches straight to the PiLeven or send/receive data and commands.

The PiLeven is fully compatible with standard Arduino shields adding a huge amount of potential functionality to your Raspberry Pi. For more information, tutorials and to order, visit the PiLeven webpage.

Are you thinking of making a project that requires interaction between Arduino and Raspberry Pi? Let us know in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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