July 26, 2016

Arduino Water Tank Level Tracker

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how full your water tank is? With this project from Boris Landoni you can create your very own water tank level sensor using Arduino. This sensor allows you to track tank level trends, and even potentially automatically switch between tank water and mains water if your tank runs dry. An ultrasonic distance sensor is used to determine how far the water is from the top of the tank, and this is used to calculate the current water level. The output output is displayed on an LCD screen so that you can easily see how full your tank is! The possibilities for a project such as this are really limited to your imagination! To get started on this project check out the following link.   

Depth Sensor

If you decide to build your own tank depth sensor, why not check out the ProtoShield for Arduino. The ProtoShield is an excellent tool to turn your temporary, breadboarded project into something more permanent. The shield fits directly onto an Arduino board and has a large, general purpose area in the middle where you can solder on your own parts to create a durable, long lasting project! The ProtoShield is a high quality, corrosion resistant gold plated PCB and represents great value at only $3! For more information or to order visit the ProtoShield product page.


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