July 06, 2017

Arduino Rubik’s Cube Solver!

If you are looking for an exciting but challenging project to put your Arduino skills to the test, checkout this Rubik’s Cube solving robot, designed by instructables member matt2uy!

Rubik's Cube Robot

Impressively the robot takes only 20 minutes to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube and, unlike many other Rubik’s cube solvers, matt2uy’s project is made out of very easy to source materials such as pop sticks and skewers meaning it is a very accessible DIY project! To find out more about how you can build your own rubik’s cube solving robot checkout the following link.


If you are looking for an Arduino board why not check out the Freetronics “Eleven” Arduino Compatible Board.  


The Eleven is just like an Arduino Uno (and 100% compatible), however the Freetronics team have made a number of improvements to the Arduino Uno design such as adding in a prototyping area, using a micro-USB connector and much more. These improvements mean that the Eleven is as easy to use as possible and is of the highest quality! To find out more about the fantastic Freetronics Eleven check out the following link.

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