April 21, 2016

NEW PRODUCT - Thinker Shield for hobby and classroom use

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia provides hands-on exhibits and courses to inspire and excite interest in science and the arts. One of the highlights is the Physical Computing course they run as part of their After School Computing Club, where kids have an opportunity to learn about electronics and programming using Arduino boards and shields.

Freetronics worked with Powerhouse Museum to design a special shield for use in their courses, tailored to the specific needs of their curriculum - which is also now available for you to enjoy the same fun at home or with your own groups:

The Thinker Shield features a range of inputs and outputs that are ideal for classroom and hobby projects:

  • Large analog and digital connections on the edges to connect alligator clip jumper wires
  • 6 green LEDs for light output
  • Light sensor for light input
  • Button for digital input
  • Knob for adjustable analog input
  • Piezo buzzer for sound output
  • Static-protection chips on I/O pins to help it withstand handling in the classroom

And while we were busy making the shield, Powerhouse worked on the documentation. They've produced a fantastic project guide that starts by showing you how to plug in your Arduino for the first time and then steps through a series of mini projects to use all the features of the shield.

The guide is written in a friendly, easy to read way and you can download it as a handy PDF. And the best part is you can order your own Thinker Shield right now for only $22 including GST - click here to learn more and to order today.

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