October 08, 2013

Make an Arduino-powered Chess Clock

The game of chess can be either a leisurely pursuit or a game of intense mental concentration against the clock, and if your games fit the latter description then you will need a chess clock. And you can now make your own chess clock by following the plans by Instructables user "telonics". They've used two four-digit numeric displays for both players' timing and crafted a large rocker switch for each player to press after their turn.

With the included sketch you can either reproduce the original project or create other display methods, perhaps using an OLED or other type of display. Nevertheless, to get started visit the project page. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

When working with 74HC595 shift registers consider using the Freetronics EXPAND: Expansion/Shift register module. It contains the 74HC595 shift register on a small board with standard 0.1" spacing holes that are perfect for soldering header pins into for breadboard use, and a small "power on" LED. By doing this you have a robust vehicle to insert and remove easily without tools or the risk of bending the IC pins. This is only one of our large range of prototyping modules - check the full range today!


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