March 18, 2016

NEW PRODUCT - Power Shield for D1 Mini

Now available from Freetronics is the new Power Shield for the WeMos D1 Mini from SuperHouse Automation - the ideal way to power your compact WeMos ESP8266-based board. This new power shield solves the problem of using external power with the D1 Mini by accepting power from 7 to 14Vdc (up to 20Vdc in a pinch) via a 2.1mm DC jack or screw terminals:

Very handy when you want your D1 Mini to run in a project without a USB connection, as shown below:

The Power Shield includes stacking headers as shown above, and do require soldering before use. And the best part is the price - only $10 including GST. To learn more and order, please visit the product page.

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