August 28, 2013

Add RFID access to your car boot with Arduino

Unless you have a brand new car that has a foot sensor to open the boot/trunk/hatch/tailgate then this interesting method of control may be of interest. Created by Instructables member "duke2luke", it's an Arduino with RFID embedded inside the rear quarter panel of their car. This in turn controls the boot release - which can either be a servo to pull the release cable - or a relay that could be connected into the control wire for the electric latch in the release. Using either method shouldn't be too difficult - and quite secure unless the RFID card is taken by an undesirable. The system is demonstrated in the following video:

 With a little work this could be fitted to almost any vehicle with a remote boot release, so visit the Instructable to find out more. And to keep up to date with our news, blog and upcoming new product annoucements - follow us on twitter and Google+.

If you're looking for a fast way to interface RFID readers with your Arduino or compatible board, check out our new DLOCK RFID Door Lock Shield. It's a fantastic and simple method of interfacing a variety of RFID readers and an electric door strike to your Arduino-compatible board. The design is based on the circuit described in the "RFID Access Control System" project in the book "Practical Arduino", and the shield arrives in assembled form to save time and effort:

With the DLOCK shield you can easily interface common RFID readers such as ID12, ID20, RDM630, RDM880 and HF MultiTag readers. Furthermore there's status LEDs, power jumpers for door strike power and plenty of space for extra on-shield circuitry. For more information and to order, please visit the DLOCK page


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