July 18, 2013

The "ArduinoPhone"

Now and again someone will push the Arduino platform to the limit, with the goal of replicating a commercially-available product with a DIY twist. Today's example of this is the "ArduinoPhone" which is quite literally a GSM mobile phone built around an Arduino, a GSM shield, battery, touch screen LCD and related circuitry. To hold it all together a 3D-printed enclosure was designed for the purpose:

You can make and receive calls and SMS text messages, read the current time and even add your own features (memory permitting) as the entire code and required library set has been published by the creators - so visit their project page for some interesting reading. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

Do you know someone who's technically-minded and would be interested in learning about the world of Arduino? Then give them one of our Experimenter's Kit for Arduino:

The package includes a wide variety of parts, sensors and modules including: a servo motor, lights, buttons, switches, sound, sensors, breadboard, wires and more. Furthermore a Freetronics Eleven Arduino-compatible board is included to make this an extensive hobby experimenter, inventor and starter kit. 

However we don't leave you alone to figure it all out, included is a great project and instruction booklet, plus access to a supporting web page and software examples. In other words - this is everything you need to get started for a fun range of electronics and Arduino related projects! So to get started or for more information and to order, check out the product page.

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