July 04, 2013

Physical Music Sequencer using RFID and Arduino

 Once again Mike Cook has created a fascinating and well-produced project - in this example it's his physical music sequencer. It's no ordinary sequencer - instead of using a matrix of buttons, the device consists of 32 home-made RFID readers. By programming RFID card numbers to match notes and instrument types, the cards can then be laid out over the sequencer to produce the required music. As well as being a detailed and complex project, Mike also explains how to make your own RFID card readers in volume to help save money. Watch the following video for a run-through of the project:

Mike has created some fantastic projects, so click here to find out more about this and many others. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you're wanting to reproduce the project above - you'll need a an ATmega328P MCUs with Arduino Uno bootloader:

This is the same Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller used in the official Arduino Uno, as well as our ElevenEtherTenUSBDroid, and other boards. Perfect for building your own Arduino-compatible project directly on a breadboard or on a custom PCB, or for replacing the MCU in an existing board. Comes with the Arduino Uno bootloader pre-installed. Better still, it even has a special label stuck on top with details of the pinout, so you don't even need to look up the datasheet when connecting it up in your project! For more information and to order, click here!

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