May 22, 2013

The "Bombatuino" Arduino-powered DJ MIDI controller

 Music enthusiast and student Lukas has created one of the most impressive home-made MIDI controllers we've ever seen, and shared it with the rest of us. Called the "bombatuino" it is designed for software tools such as Traktor Pro, and has an incredibly amount of functionality. Two rotary encoders serve as the main jog wheel controls, and the use of many MCP23017 port expanders and 74HC4051 multiplexers allows the device to have an incredible number of button and potentiometer inputs - all wired back to a single Arduino board. The following video is a quick (and silent) demonstration of interaction with the PC:

Lukas has created a blog that documents the design from his initial thoughts through to the final product, including the requred code and schematics - so check it out. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

When adding your own circuitry for an Arduino-based project such as the DJ controller, you'll need a protoshield to mount the external circuitry. In doing so, consider our range of ProtoShields. From the tiny LeoStick to the Mega range, we offer a complete range for you to work with.

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