April 29, 2013

Using TEMT6000 light sensor modules with mbed

 Instead of using a light-dependent resistor to measure light levels with his mbed board, Alfonso Martone instead uses the much more reliable TEMT6000 light sensor module which give consistent and repeatable readings even between different units. It's incredibly easy to do so and gives you the ability to calibrate light readings against other data without worrying about the variability of the sensor. The code has been provided and it's as simple as reading an analogue input pin. 

For more information and the demonstration code, visit Alfonso's mbed notebookAnd for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

As well as our TEMT6000 light sensor module - you can use our range of sensors, including accelerometerstemperature,humiditylightsoundknockIR temperature and more - with many more plaftforms than just Arduino. So check out our wide range of Freetronics modules today. 

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