April 15, 2013

Make a MIDI-interfaced foot pedal with Arduino

 The Arduino platform can interface with a wide variety of objects and systems, and one of those is a MIDI-interface - allowing people to create all sorts of devices to control digital music outputs from various sources. One example of this has been constructed by Instructables user "roycetaft" who has re-purposed foot pedals from an old organ and used them as simple buttons to interface with not one but two Arduino-compatible circuits. Their reason for doing this was to avoid the need for purchasing an Arduino Mega-compatible board (however doing so would be much more convenient). Nevertheless the final project is a success and works well, for example:

For more details and information, check out the project instructable. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you're prototyping Arduino projects on solderless breadboards, blown the MCU on your board, or making your own such as the exposure board mentioned above - save time and hassle with our new ATmega328 microcontroller pre-loaded with the Arduino Uno bootloader:

It's the same one as found on our Eleven, KitTen and the original Arduino Uno, plus it has a very useful pinout sticker attached to save confusion when wiring it up. So for more information and to order, click here. And we also sell the stickers!

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