February 11, 2013

Track your facebook "likes" with Arduino

 If you're constantly concerned about or interested in the number of facebook "likes" you are (or aren't) receiving, consider making a dedicated display system. Using an Ethernet-enabled Arduino and a display device (LCD or DMD) you can easily have a standalone unit displaying the current number by following instructions at the skolitlab website. The sketch simply scrapes the data from the facebook page data, and could also be modified to display information from other websites.

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To get started with your own web-enabled projects, use our Freetronics EtherTen - theArduino Uno-compatible with onboard Ethernet, microSD socket and optional PoE:

... or for more program space, I/O ports consider the Freetronics EtherMega - the Arduino Mega2560-compatible with onboard Ethernet, microSD socket and optional PoE:

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