November 21, 2012

Make your own geolocation data logger with Arduino

 The ability to measure various forms of data and log it for further analysis is one of the strong points of the Arduino platform, as doing so is relatively simple. One example of this is the Geo Data Logger by Instructables user techbitar. They have demonstrated how to log GPS position data, time, speed, and accelerometer data to a microSD card in a well-documented project. Futhermore each stage of the Arduino sketch is explained well, so he reader has a better understanding of operation, instead of just "uploading and doing". 

To get moving with your own version, visit the project page. And we're on twitter, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

For those looking to recreate such a project, a good start would be our Eleven board along with the AM3X accelerometer module:

This tiny 3-axis accelerometer module can operate in either +/-1.5g or +/-6g ranges, giving your project the ability to tell which way is up. Ideal for robotics projects, tilt sensors, vehicle dataloggers, and whatever else you can dream up. For more infomation and to order, click here

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