October 22, 2012

Arduino LCD game: Mugwump

 Once more Emmanuel Turner has ported another game to work with an Arduino and our LCD Keypad Shield. In this instalment he brings us the classic game "Mugwump". The game consists of an imaginary area mapped out into ten by ten locations, and four "Mugwumps" are randomly located in each. Your player moves about this area, scanning for a Mugwump, and once all four are found the game is over. It's a classic game from the 1970s that translates easily into the Arduino language. 

For more information including the sketch and other interesting Arduino projects, visit Emmanuel's siteAnd for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

Instead of building your own LCD module onto a breadboard, save time and move forward with the Freetronics LCD & Keypad shield which contains a bright 16x2 character LCD and five buttons that can be read from only one analog input pin:

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