September 17, 2012

The Naked Espresso and Arduino

 In an effort to show how wonderful their coffee machines are, Breville hacked one of their more expensive double-boiler units with a variety of sensors to measure temperature, boiler pressure and flow rate through the machine. These paramaters were then captured via an Arduino board and sent to a PC to be displayed using processing. Furthermore, the data was also used as seed to create visualisations that were printed out and used as a surround for the coffee it was a product of. Although it's a bit of spin, the ability to do so is quite interesting and possibly unheard of before. The process is demonstrated in the first part of the following video:

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When experimenting with various items and an Arduino, it can be difficult and time consuming to mess about connecting wires of various sizes to the board. As you can see the coffee machine hacker has chosen our Freetronics Terminal Shield for Arduino - which neatly solved the problem:

Apart from having a larger than normal prototyping area, there are terminal blocks for every Arduino pin, three LEDs for general use and a reset button on the shield. Great for experimenting and fast I/O connections - so order yours today

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