September 11, 2012

Make your own netduino EEPROM shield

 There are many development platforms whose boards mimic the profile and design used with our Arduino protoshields, and one of them is the netduino system. One example of this is Dave Van Wagner's netduino EEPROM shield. He has created this so his system can store data without losing it after a reset or power off situation. Dave used Microchip 25AA1024 EEPROMs which operate over the SPI bus - and therefore this could work with an Arduino as well. Finally he has fitted a series of jumpers so the user can physically select the SPI bus' chip-select pin. Great idea Dave!

A handy shield to have that transcends platforms. For more information and notes, visit Dave's page here. And we're on twitter and Google+ - so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

If you have an Arduino, netduino, olimexduino, or any one of the myriad of boards out there - we have a prototyping shield for you. From our tiny Leostick, to the Uno/Eleven and Mega-shields - we've got you covered. Check out our range today

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