July 20, 2012

Say goodbye to zombie Arduino-based prototypes...

 Cursed with the problem of finding Arduino-based prototypes without any reference to their original source code, Dave Vondle at IDEO Labs as created a simple yet elegant solution with two parts. The first is a modification to the Arduino IDE that allows uploading the sketch directly to github. During the upload process, the individual USB serial number is attached to the upload. The second and best part is - you can then plug in the Arduino board and retrieve the last uploaded sketch from that board from garithub back to the IDE. Magic!

The only caveat is that you need an Arduino board with inbuilt USB, so it won't work with simple bare bone boards or the Arduino Ethernet model. Luckily all of our Arduino-compatible products have USB except for the KitTen. Nevertheless, for more information, instructions and notes visit the IDEO Labs site here. And we're on twitter, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

And back to the KitTen. Not a cat, but a simplified Arduino Duemiladieci-compatible board in kit form:

 Great for embedding into more permanent Arduino-based projects, fun for those who enjoy soldering, and inexpensive compared to assembled boards with USB - yet still with the great quality PCB and Freetronics-styled design and finish. 

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