July 06, 2012

DIY Inexpensive Robot Arm with Arduino

Arduino enthusiast "Lucky Larry" was looking at robotics kits and came to the conclusion that they were overpriced, so  instead he set out to make his own robotic arm - with success. Using three servos he has created an arm that can move on the x- and y-axis. A clever point of difference is that instead of mounting the servos on brackets, Larry removed the base from the servos and built them directly into the framework of the arm. This saves money and also reduces the complexity of the arm. You can see it in action below:

Considering the cost of the parts was less than $50 this is a great project. For more details and the instructions, visit Larry's page. When moving forward with your own Arduino-embedded projects, consider the Freetronics LeoStick - one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles  on the market with onboard USB, RGB LED and piezo:

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