July 05, 2012

Build you own IKEA-framed Binary Clock

 Once again we have found an Arduino-based project that has been developed into an item that wouldn't look out of place in your home or office. Cello62 has described and built a nice binary clock which is housed in an inexpensive frame from IKEA. Apart from the frame, the clock face has been created on some acetate sheets which adds to the professional look, for example:

It's always great to see a project move from the experimental or breadboard stage to a finished product. For more information, code and circuit details visit the instructions here. The accuracy of this project could be improved greatly by the use of a real-time clock IC - for example our Real Time Clock module based on the DS3232 RTC. Accuracy is maintained with a temperature-controlled oscillator, battery backup and also 236 bytes of NV memory for user data:

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