June 25, 2012

Make your own TV "Etch a sketch" with Arduino

 No doubt many of you are familiar with the original drawing toy known as the "Etch a sketch". And as usual, someone has found a way to replicate this with an Arduino and the simple and effective tvout library. Ruy Lazaro used some simple circuitry and hacked up the circuit as a protoshield for his Arduino with the following results:

It is a simple project that can be a lot of fun, and especially useful when trying to attract younger people into the craft - they can make something and use it very easily on almost any television set or monitor with composite video inputs. When looking to make your own version, the circuitry will fit nicely on one of our range of ProtoShields, such as the ProtoShield Pro:

For more information, circuitry and code visit Ruy's blog here.

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