June 22, 2012

DIY Arduino-powered Steampunk Moonphase Analog Timepiece

 Next in our series of steampunk-related electronics comes this amazing clock from 'fatratmatt'. Based on an Arduino Mega and real-time clock IC, the electronics have been housed inside an antique telephone case. The time and date are displayed using three vintage voltmeters, with the Arduino taking care of the time to voltage conversion. Watch the following video for a detailed look at the clock:

Even if you cannot find such a nice enclosure or vintage meters, the instructions will help you build an interesting clock with the same functions. For the instructions and other notes, visit here. To move forward with your own design, consider using our range of Arduino compatible hardware: including the EtherMega - the Arduino 2560-compatible with onboard EtherNet, microSD socket and optional PoE:

... in conjunction with out highly accurate real-time clock module and Mega-sized protoshields:

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