June 16, 2012

Arduino to Android I/O ... on the cheap

 Joe Desbonnet has made what can only described as the most inexpensive way of interfacing an Arduino board with an Android phone bar yelling at it and hoping for a response. In his project, he uses a meter of enamelled copper wire, a resistor and a diode to send data at a speed that makes you wish for a telex machine. 

In all seriousness, Joe's project is certainly novel and out of the box - the data is sent by creating a low-frequency signal through the coil which is them detected by the magnetometer in the Android phone and measured with a simple app. You can see it in action here:

If you have an Android phone or similar hardware, this is a simple and expensive experiment to try out for fun. If you want to make your own rendition - you could build the external circuit and coil onto a protoshield, such as our inexpensive ProtoShield Basic for Arduino:

In the meanwhile, Joe has made all the instructions, code and notes available on his site here

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