June 14, 2012

Bringing the "Crazy People" Game into the 21st century

 Mike Cook in the UK fondly recalled the childrens' flip books that involved building characters with three horizontal sections and decided to recreate this on his computer using a very different form of interface. He built a device with three RFID readers (one for each third of the 'body') and used a series of RFID card to represent different characters. His PC is running Processing code which accepts the card data - when each card is read, the 'character' is redrawn on the screen of an attached PC. You can see the demonstration here:

Although to some this may seem like overkill, Mike's dedication to the task and excellent documentation make this project a success. When recreating this project, money and space can be saved by using one of our Freetronics LeoStick boards - which are tiny, still have USB and are perfect for embedding in various permanent projects:

However to learn more and read Mike's excellent documentation, visit his site here.

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