June 13, 2012

The "JEEPuter" - an Arduino-powered Jeep Wrangler

The Arduino system also lends itself nicely to controlling automotive electrical systems, as it is easy to control relays using digital outputs and some basic circuitry. Ed in the USA has taken this many steps further by controlling many functions inside his Jeep via an Arduino and various control circuitry. Watch his detailed video here:

Considering this was Ed's first real Arduino project he has done very well. When recreating his project, there is a lot of scope for miniaturisation, especially with the external hardware. The use of a Freetronics Eleven, some protoshields and our super-accurate real-time clock module would be a great start: 

... as well a new upcoming product... In the meanwhile, for more information and construction details, visit Ed's site here. Also, check our Geek My Ride with details of other automotive projects.

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