June 12, 2012

Build a natural-interaction device for your music player

 The team at Digital Habits in Italy have designed and built one of the most beautiful and amazing devices - an "open mirror" device that holds a music player, which is then controlled by various hand movements. The movements are detected by infra-red sensors that work with an Arduino board and external circuitry to interface with an iPod. The final results are stunning:

The designers have not left us in the lurch, instead offering the required physical parts available for sale as a package - or you can download all the files required to recreate the device yourself, including 3D CNC files for the parts, Arduino sketch and more. 

This is the kind of embedded project our Freetronics LeoStick was designed for, as it is one of the smallest Arduino-compatible boards on the market:

To get started with an Open Mirror, visit the detailed instructions on their website here.

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