June 12, 2012

Illuminating Facebook "Like" lamp

If you know someone who is hung up on receiving "likes" on their Facebook page - this will be the project for them. Constructed out of Lego, and housing some Arduino with Ethernet hardware and circuitry - the people at Red Pepper Labs have constructed a huge Lego "like" logo that lights up when a "like" is received. Watch their excellent video time-lapse of the project:

Watching them order a customised Lego set has also sparked out imagination as well. However to get started with this type of project you'll need an Arduino-compatible board with Ethernet, such as our  Freetronics EtherTen or EtherMega boards - complete with onboard Ethernet, microSD card and optional POE support:

Visit the Red Pepper Labs' blog for complete details, code and inspiration here

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