June 07, 2012

DIY Arduino-based Wireless Weather Station and Web Server

 In order to reduce energy consumption from a PC running 24/7, "wicksc" decided to build an Arduino-based solution to his weather monitoring requirements. He created a device that interpreted the wireless data coming from an Oregon Scientific weather monitoring station, and added Internet functionality to email users in case of weather extremes. Once finished he has created a detailed weather-monitoring system that offers the data over a web server and also offers the opportunity to log the data to microSD card as well.

The author has used a wide variety of seperate Arduino-compatible equipment to build the weather station. However a lot of physical space and expense can be spared by using our EtherMega - which includes an Arduino-Mega compatible board, microSD card, and Ethernet interface all in the same form factor:

Then using one of our Protoshield Mega boards, you can add a temperature/humidity sensor and our new, super-accurate real-time clock module based on the DS3232:

Finally the 433 MHz receiver shield would take care of the data from the wireless weather station. To find out more about this fascinating project visit the website. Furthermore, "Practical Arduino" author and Freetronics co-founder Jon Oxer has also developed a similar project that may be be of interest. 

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