June 06, 2012

Control your Arduino board over the Internet with Teleduino

 A new service called "Teleduino" allows control of various functions of an Arduino-compatible board over the internet with simple URL-based commands. What can you do with it? From their website:

Using the Teleduino platform, you can perform the following tasks with your Arduino via the simple web service:

  • Reset, ping, get uptime, get free memory.
  • Define pin modes, set digital outputs, set analog outputs, read digital inputs, read analog inputs, or read all inputs with a single API call.
  • Define up to 2 'banks' of shift registers. Each 'bank' can contain up to 32 cascaded shift registers, giving a total of 512 digital outputs.
  • Shift register outputs can be set, or merged, and expire times can be set on merges (you could set an output(s) high for X number of milliseconds).
  • Define, and read and write from serial port.
  • Read and write from EEPROM.
  • Define and position up to 6 servos.
  • Set preset values for the above functions, which get set during boot. Preset values are stored in the first 160ish bytes of the EEPROM.

Note that you will need to be using Arduino IDE v1.0 or later to make use of the Teleduino library. It is worth noting that the service is new so keep that in mind when working with them. 

The easiest way to take advantage of Teleduino is to use our Arduino-compatible board with inbuilt Ethernet - the EtherTen:

For more information about Teleduino, visit their website - or check out the tutorials here

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