June 06, 2012

Build your own Arduino-based Fortune Teller

 Although we can't predict the future (if you can, let us know!) it is fun to make something to entertain those in such a manner. Pauly has described in detail on how to make his own version, using an Arduino board, 16x2 character LCD display unit and miscellaneous hardware:

One of the most important aspects of a fortune-telling device is the physical enclosure, the more weird and wonderful it is the better. The Arduino sketch in the article contains a multitude of messages which are randomly displayed on demand. When downloading the sketch, you will need to change the file extension from .tmp to .txt to extract the code. 

When recreating this project you will save time and effort by using our Eleven Arduino-compatible board in conjunction with our LCD display shield, which also contains five buttons you can make use of, for example:

So to start your journey of oddball fortune telling, check out the instructions detailed here, and our range of hardware here

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