June 05, 2012

DIY Board Game Clock

 Matias Rodriguez was looking for a clock to be used in chess, go and other board games but couldn't find one to his liking. Instead he met the challenge of making his own using Arduino-based hardware - and in our opinion succeeded very well. For example:

The clock has a simple user interface and performs well. Matias has completely documented the design process, starting with his prototypes and continued right through to the finished product. Furthermore the Arduino code and attachments are available from his github repository. 

This sort of project that embeds Arduino hardware can be accelerated through the use of our tiny Freetronics Leostick - one of the smallest Arduino-compatible boards on the market today:

For more information on the clock, visit Matias' website here. If you have made something similar, or an interesting project to share with the world, please consider letting us know in the "Project Showcase" section of our active support forum.

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