June 05, 2012

Build an Arduino-based Crazy Golf Hole

 Mike Cook in the UK was tasked with creating a sound and visual effects device for a hole in a "Crazy Golf" course as part of a festival for sound and art in his local area. He came up with a professional and easy to construct example of a device that will play a range of sound effects and also a motorised wheel that rotates upon the hole being used. 

It is interesting to see that Mike 'outsourced' the sound effects to a seperate device, which has various buttons for the sounds. Therefore the effects are simply controlled by the Arduino's outputs instead of having to generate the sounds internally in the sketch - a great use of hacking two technologies to solve a problem. View the results in the following video:

Furthermore Mike has documented the project completely, including illustrated construction images, circuit schematics and the Arduino sketch. Although he used a barebones Arduino circuit, you can save a lot of time by using one of our Arduino-compatible boards such as the LeoStick:

... which lends itself nicely to embedding into other products. For more information on Mike's project, visit here

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