June 04, 2012

Create an RGB LED Backlit desk

 Mike LaGrasta has used a variety of simple hardware and an Arduino board to create an amazing multi-coloured backlight system for his glass desk. Although building such a lighting system would seem complex, it is quite simple - and the results are well worth it:

The instructions for creating this visual feature are easily followed and not difficult at all. The lighting can be controlled over the network, or you can program your own patterns directly using the Arduino sketch. Or perhaps use a range of light and temperature sensor modules to make the lighting interactive with the surrounding environment. You can find Ethernet-enabled Arduino-compatible boards here at Freetronics such as our EtherTen:

 as well as our WS2801 daisy-chainable RGB LED modules:

So to make recreate this project, head over to Mike's instructions for inspiration, and Freetronics for the hardware. 

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