October 19, 2015

Build a "Simon" Game shield for Arduino

The classic memory game Simon has been recreated in many forms using the Arduino development platform, with an almost infinite amount of variations with regards to the controls and outputs. However Instructables member recyclerobot has taken things further and not only shows how to make the game with a solderless breadboard, but also transfer it to a custom PCB.

A lot of enthusiasts may not feel comfortable about creating their own circuit boards, however apart from being the next logical procession in circuit design - it will give them them (and you!) the confidence to tackle larger and more complex projects, or possible a career change.

Finally this example project has been created with Autodesk 123D Circuits - an interesting online simulator and circuit design centre which is worth exploring as well. In the meanwhile, a demonstration of the Simon shield is shown in the following video:

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If you need to add external hardware or devices to your next Arduino project, such as the Simon game described above - you'll need a protoshield to mount the external circuitry. When doing so, consider our range of ProtoShields. From the tiny LeoStick to the Mega we have a wide range to suit your application.

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