November 29, 2011

New device: Light Sensor Module

We've just rolled out a whole new range of tiny functional modules to make it really easy to expand your projects. First came the AM3X 3-Axis Accelerometer Module, and now the LIGHT Light Sensor Module has also landed. This module is amazingly small:

Well, it may not look small when it's blown up so large, but keep in mind that the connection headers are on 0.1" centers! The whole board is about the size of a fingernail. The TEMT6000 sensor is a very reliable and consistent device, unlike a typical light-dependent resistor (LDR) that can vary with temperature and between different units. The TEMT6000 comes pre-calibrated so if you put a bunch of them in the same lighting conditions, you'll get the same value coming out of all of them. Brilliant.

To see how easy it is to use with an Arduino, check out the Light Sensor Module Quickstart Guide.


Jerome said:

Hey, I noticed in the tutorial section that it says we need to establish a serial connection at 38,400 bps. So does it only work at that BAUD rate or is it just an example? i just don’t want to buy a bulk of these and find out that it doesn’t work with my existing program which also deals with other kinds of sesnors that are already in place.


Daniel said:

Hey Jerome, Thanks for your question. The 38,400 bps is just an example, the sensor works with the full range of baud rates available on Arduino. In fact, I just tested it just then to be 100% sure!

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