July 17, 2015

Experimenting with the Freetronics Dual-Channel I/R Reflectance Sensor

We're great fans of the MrHobbyelectronics' YouTube channel, and in the latest update they show us how easy it is to use the Freetronics Dual-Channel I/R Reflectance Sensor. This module contains two infra-red reflectance sensors which return analogue values.

These can then be used to determine the difference between a dark and light surface - ideal for line-following robots or other devices. You can see this in action through the following video:

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As shown in the video above, the Freetronics Dual-Channel I/R Reflectance Sensor is an incredibly easy method of sensing light and dark surfaces:

Furthermore you can split the module into two - which allows you to spread the sensors further apart. Each sensor returns a varying signal which can be read by an analogue input pin. The sensor is fully supported with design files and our great Getting Started guide, so to learn more and order please visit the sensor home page.

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